Frequently Asked Questions

For arriving customers, to ensure that you are met effectively, all flights are checked for actual arrival time to ensure that you are not charged for delays beyond your control. Our driver will hold a sign (with your name) and will meet you inside the airport information desk.Your driver will greet you with your name on a sign board when you arrive, and provide friendly, reliable round trip private transfer to your destination.

On inbound flights, your driver will meet you at your hotel or any other meeting point and transport you directly to the terminal. We offer late models of luxury sedans and seven seaters such as Toyota Previa, Ford Galaxy, VW Sharon and Mercedes E.S.

Request quotes for a taxi journey anywhere in the UK, business or pleasure, local or long distance.Please feel free to take advantage of this service as it not only saves you money but eases the mind and allows for a smoother transit. We want you to have the easiest time here in United Kingdom.All the cars are insured and inspected daily to ensure top mechanical condition as well as cleanliness.We can guarantee you of safe and road safety conscious transport drivers. The cars and minibuses are new and clean also.Full UK & regional coverage including all cities, airports, sea ports & train stations.

Our return airport collection prices includes 60 minutes waiting and parking after the plane lands.The driver will only go in to the airport car parks after 30 minutes of  landing of your flight or alternatively you can  telephone the driver or our office to your specific arrangements  in order to minimize the airport car park charges etc.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Can I book a cab by phoning you?
A. Yes, you can,but,we prefer eBookings.

Q. Is the charge per person?
A. No. The price is always per vehicle.
Q. What do I need to say in my email?
A. Please include your Name, Day, Date, Time, When you want to be collected from and your destination.

Q. How many passengers does one taxicab hold?
A. A normal Mini cab car are licensed for up to four passengers.

Q. Do you have minibuses?
A. Yes,we have minibuses that carry up to 6 passengers.

Q. Can I pay in cash?
A. Yes, you can pay the driver with cash.

Q. I want to pay in advance credit or debit card.
A. You may pay in advance by visiting www.Paypal.com and select Send Money option on their website and send us email payment to bookings@airportfleet.co.uk.

Q. Do the taxis have child seats?
A. You must provide your own child safety seat for the journey.

Q. Do the drivers smoke in their mini cabs?
A. The drivers do not smoke in their mini cabs, it’s against the law in England.

Q. Do the mini cabs have fare meter fitted?
A. No, we have fixed fares and all journeys are calculated from Post code to Post code by our google map facility.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We endeavour to the whole UK as long as you send us an early booking as soon as possible.

Q. Which airports do you cover?
A. We cover all London Airports and nationwide.

Q. What type of  vehicles do you have?
A. We have saloon cars and estate cars and carry up to 4 passengers. We also have minibuses that carry up to 6 passengers.

Q. How early do I need to book?
A. Generally at least 12 hours notice is required, but sometimes you might get a mini cab in less time.

Q. Can I cancel my booking?
A. Yes, if you wish to cancel please tell us as soon as possible, we require at least 3 hours notice.

Q. Do you operate a fixed price policy?
A. We can give you a fixed price to any destination providing we know the exact and complete details of the journey and address.

Q. Do I need to pay my fare in advance?
A. Yes, you may pay fare in advance by debit and credit card to our Paypal account by using our email at bookings@airportfleet.co.uk or you can pay the whole fare to your driver.

Q. Do You Charge extra on Christmas Day or New Years Day?
A. Yes, we will publish any additional cost and dates\times in early December.

Q. Will you take us at any time of the day or night?
A. Yes, providing we have sent you a confirmation by email.

Q. Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?
A. You can avoid or minimize extra costs if you know that your flight will be delayed before boarding and you send us an email or call us immediately on 0203 355 0227. We will give the driver your revised collection time if he has not already been dispatched.However,we monitor flight arrivals from our office so you do not worry about this.

Q. What happens if my flight is cancelled?
A. Please let us know at least 3 hours in advance so we can make changes to the booking or cancel the cab booking for you with NO CHARGES.

Q. What happens if I miss my flight?
A. Again, Please let us know at least 3 hours in advance so we can make changes to the booking or cancel the cab booking for you.

Q. What happens if my flight is diverted to another airport?
A. Please let us know as soon as you find out so we can make changes to the booking for you.

Q. Where do I meet my driver when I land at the airport?
A. Mostly drivers wait in the terminal front of the airport information desk and driver will go in the terminal after 30 minutes after your flight has landed or you arrange with the driver to meet you outside the departures drop off.

Q. What if I cannot locate my driver?
A. The driver will call or text you on arrival at the airport, please switch your mobile phone ‘ON’ after the plane has landed, or you can text or call him on his mobile, if all else fails then call us on 0203 355 0227.

Q. Can I get a receipt?
A. Yes, the drivers carry receipt in their vehicles.

Q. Do I have to book online?
A. No, you don’t have to you can always call us on 0203 355 0227 outside the UK on 0044203 355 0227.

Q. Will the driver take us anywhere we want to go?
A. Yes, but if you have received a quote then the driver will charge you for the extra distance and time. You must inform the driver of the destinations before embarking on the journey.

Q. What is a minicab?
A. This is a licensed car private hire minicab dispatched by the operator. Better looking, more comfortable and safer than hackney carriage (black cab). Minicabs are fully licensed under the London Public Carriage Office.

Q. How will I know my driver?
A. Your driver is the only person who will have your mobile phone number, he will describe his vehicle and his location to you, he will be wearing blue and white badge displayed his name and licence number. He will know your agreed fare and have information of your destination.

Q. I’ve got loads of luggage what do I do?
A. We have estate cars, tell us in your email when you book your cab and your driver will not charge you any extra.

Q. Is the tip included in the fare?
A. No, the tip is never included in the price of a journey.

Q. How much should I tip the driver?
A. Generally 10% of the fare but this is left to the passenger’s discretion.


  • For any other questions that you may have you can contact us at.
  • A:     tell: +44 (0) 203 355 0227